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    Who are we and why to share the path to success with us?

    "AT Trade" is a company that is characterized by its remarkable progress in trade in electronics, offering quality and value through its products. It is the right choice for those seeking a variety of quality products and professional guidance from experts. Our success we due to the hard work and the fact that we always strive for the best offer. The ambitious team of professionals who work for us is cofident and responsible about the products we offer and the way we do it.

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    Our program welcomes any natural or legal person, who is 18 year-old or above to send an email with their data. After approval, you can promote and sell our products in our online shop. For this purpose we will provide our free trade advertising material, to present our products to potential customers.

    You fit perfectly if ..

    ✔ You are an owner of a website, blog, forum

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    If you want to develop yourself ut you ave no field we will provide it to you. We can create a website for you trough which you can implement your commersial potential.

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    Approval of new candidates

    Successful applicants receive an email with instructions.

    What do we offer?

    ✔ 10% commission for each sale
    ✔ 2% commission for each sale of under partner
    ✔ 1% commission for each sale of the partner below the under partner
    ✔ A month life of cookies (Cookies Lifetime)

    Commision payout

    We pay your commission by bank transfer after accumulating a certain amount.

    Free promotional materials that will provide

    ✔ Banners - We have a wide range of banner sizes: 120x600, 160x600, 250x250, 300 x 250, 468 x 60 and 728x90
    ✔ Promotional articles - articles that you will find in our marketing materials may not have unique content - they may have already been used by another '' PARTNER '' and if you want to use them you should:

    - To change the content of the article
    - Use your own article, which must be approved by us

    ✔ Send advertising messages by email - If you have a list of emails, you can use our email template and send it to your subscribers.

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    Many successful business ventures of our partners clearly indicate that our future collaboration is a guarantee for growth.




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