AT Trade Ltd offers:

Website development

AT Trade Ltd. offers website development. Our team of professionals knows the intricacies to pay attention to so as your website to be stylish and attractive for visitors. Starting work on a new site development it is paramount to "look" through the eyes of the audience for which it is intended. A successful site is:

- Easy for Guidance

- Intuitive

- With rich and unique content

- With stylish and impressive design
Internet does not want and does not need another trite site.

You would like something different, something with style, something that visitors will appreciate.

We're here if you want quality. The result will be incredible combination of your professionalism in the field in which you develop, the experience and skills that our team has to create something better than what you imagine. We are interested in developing a website which will bring a real benefit to your company.

Online store

Our professionalism and our experience have taught us how to offer a complete qualitative product, from which clients will has benefit. What do you need? You want an online store that will sell your goods and will be profitable. We will help you create one for visitors to enjoy. Website with a clear and ordered structure of the categories. This is very important because the more easy and affordable t is, the more attractive it will be to your visitors.

Along with well-thought-out structure and, of course, we do not forget a stylish design and content of the site. Our team will guide you and help you to start.

We offer:

  • Simple admiistration

Essential for a website is the information in it to be easily updated. It has to be easy and simple to add new products, information, news. That means that you need a simple control panel, through which you enter information on your site and manage sales. This is most easily achieved with its integration with management software products, orders and deliveries. Also your control panel must be able to provide specific access rights to be able to divide the work in the shop of individual employees.

  • Extra functions

The most modern and advanced systems for creating an online store gives the opportunity to add additional features and extras. For customer's comfort and convenience we offer the option to add extra functions such as analysis of visits, sales, promotions, various payment methods and various other interesting features.

  • Good optimization

The structure of the site and its contents should be tailored to the peculiarities of the Internet search engines. We can develop for you a qualitative website to attract visitors and turn them into your customers.

SEO optimization

Of course, every website owner wants to attract more visitors and turn them into customers. That' is the meaning, right? Your website will be meaningless if it has no visitors - it is intended for a specific audience. It should attract the right audience  - those who will be interested in your product and who would get benefit from it. For this purpose it is necessary to prepare a proper marketing strategy to target in the right direction.

First, your website must be well - structured and its content has to be valuable. If you are a person who does not want to open another trite and boring website, you want to enrich the web with something meaningful and different. If visitors appreciate the website they see, if you can attract more and more audience, that will shoot you up the standings in search engines.

In proccess of wrebsite development, you get a so-called on-page optimization, or primary optimization. This means that if in the future you decide to use SEO services, they will be much more effective, because the basic optimization of your website is already done.

We offer the competitive assessment of demand in your area of activity, analysis of the factors which determine in most good SEO optimization. Wwhen developing your website, we observe the careful design of the structure of your website in accordance with best SEO practices.

Preparation and management of advertising campaigns

AdWords advertising is a quick and effective way to display your site among the first places in internet of certain keywords and sell your products or services.

Good AdWords campaign attracts precisely the visitors who actually seeking your product or service due to set keywords.

The service of preparation of an AdWords campaign includes production and management of your advertising campaign so as to leads to optimum use of your advertising budget to attract maximum qualitive and solvent stream of interested visitors to your site.

The success of the AdWords campaign lies in the careful drafting of the advertising and communication with the client. You will be always aware of the number of ad views, you will be informed by the result from analysis we do. Thus monitor the behavior of visitors, and that way we will perform tuning and editing keywords, budgets, ad groups and messages so that to derive the best results from advertising.

Опитът ни показва

You want to be successful, you want to work for yourself? What more wonderful than this: to invest efforts and ideas and to harvest the fruits of your labor? Worth it! Here is the opportunity - you get your website - stylish, well-structured and working. But the most complex and difficult starts now. People have to be able to find it and see what it offers. HOW? No panic! We will take care about that. We offer you our services in the field SEO optimization. Everything is easier when there is a trusted and experienced partner who you can count to.

If you want your website well - optimized it is necessary a combination of techniques to be applied. But it does not stop here. Information is infinite and it is changing constantly. This makes it very difficult to master it. Therefore, it is always necessary to have resources on which to rely on to maintain your site and always to be aware of changes in trends in this field.

Your success depends on you - any idea, any effort to develop it, and every resource that engage in the name of progress.


Attract the right customers with an online advertising campaign